Nathan Memmott, DDS

We’re Prepared to Help With Your Dental and Dental Health Needs. We specialize in providing our treasured community with the
maximum quality of dental hygiene, such as crowns, fillings and bridges, removable prostheses, root canals, and also extraction.
Cosmetic Dentistry (preventative maintenance of one’s teeth and gums) is very important. We offer state of the art heavy cleaning,
pocket reduction, crown lengthening plus more. Have you been interested in finding an experienced cosmetic dentist in the Spring,
Texas location? Nathan Memmott, DDS will help create or restore brillance for your grin. Schedule your appontment now! Do you find
that local anesthesia is not exactly enough for the fears when it comes to receiving dental care? We can provide a sedative to

Nathan Memmott, DDS
16803 Stuebner Airline Rd Suite 200, Spring, TX 77379
(801) 472-8349

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